zondag 15 oktober 2006

E-mail aan Topalov

Toen Michiel zondag een mailtje stuurde over de link naar de Elista-video op de Chessbase-site, zag ik dat Chessbase bezoekers ook de mogelijkheid biedt om berichten aan Kramnik en Topalov te sturen. Ook al is de kans klein dat er ooit een reactie komt, kon ik mijn impulsen uiteraard niet bedwingen. Ik heb het volgende bericht gemaakt:

Dear Mr. Topalov,

Our chess club SOPSWEPS '29 from the Netherlands has been supporting you all through the Elista match. We deeply regret that you did not manage to beat Mr. Kramnik, whose sober style is hardly as appealing as your unquenchable thirst for complications.

The final result of the match shook our belief in a righteous world, and unfortunately the proceedings of the match also posed a difficult dilemma for us. Though we are your biggest fans, it is perfectly normal for all my team mates and myself to leave the stage and proceed to the rest room about 15 to 20 times per game. We are aware of the high frequency of these visits, but after three or four cans of beer, one is often prompted to use the bathroom for every next one.

Now, it seems our admiration for you as a chess player and a human being does not go together with our behaviour. And worse, our behaviour may be against the rules of chess or morally incorrect. The problem that we are facing seems unsolvable, unless you can provide us a solution, Mr. Topalov. We are fully prepared to follow all your suggestions. As a sign of goodwill, we already have decided to limit the number of visits slightly by preferring longer visits to more frequent ones.

We sincerely hope that you will find time to show us a path to a satisfactory solution. Of course we could just have decided to support Mr. Kramnik from now on, who officially is the new world champion. However, that is out of the question as, Mr. Topalov, you still are our champion.

Sincerely yours,

Li (28)
Materiaalcommissaris SOPSWEPS '29

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